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 ON WEDNESDAY 5 FEBRUARY 2020 AT 7.00PM IN THE METHODIST CHURCH                                                                                                                                                  CULLINGWORTH

PRESENT:   Cllrs. H Martin, M Galvin, B Craig, L Ackroyd, M Thomson and the clerk Angela Holmes

FIFTEEN MINUTE RULE: comments from the general public:   None

3833    APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE:  Councillors Welthy, Ahir and Bostan had prior engagements.


3835    MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The minutes of the Council meeting held on 8 January 2020

were approved and signed.

            MATTERS ARISING:  Chicken Factory:  Nothing to report.

Bingley Stone:     Nothing to report

Guard rail at Coop – the clerk had emailed both Simon D’Vali and Craig

Williams at Highways but no reply had been received.  A further email

would be sent requesting the courtesy of a reply.

Flagpole:  Cllr. Ahir had contacted the clerk to report in his absence that

he had been unable to find a contact to date.

3836    CORRESPONDENCE: noted

1)  Clerk & Council Direct January 2020

2)   Letter of thanks for the gardening vouchers from a recipient.


The clerk read the financial report to 5 February 2020

             It was resolved to pay:

1)   Clerk’s salary for January and payment to HMRC

2)   Respond Marketing – Domain name £64.

3)   Methodist Church – Room hire £125.00  Sept – Dec 2019

4)    BMDC – Christmas features and lighting column mounts – £4,320 – revised

5)    TSL – clerk vacancy added to website – £80



       Applications to discuss:

               Application: 20/00123/FUL Fieldhead Farm, Flappit Springs – conversion of two barns

into five holiday lets.

This proposal is to convert the two traditional barns to five holiday lets. The main barn split

into four holiday lets, with two of these being suitable for disabled access. The southern

barn converted to create a single holiday let. The Village Council is supportive for two of

the proposed units to be designed to allow disabled access.

The appropriate re-use of disused agricultural buildings is encouraged and the Village

Council supports these types of applications provided the remedial and conversion works

are carried out in a proper manner. These barns appear suitable for conversion.  However,

the Green Belt should not be adversely affected, nor should this development have a

greater impact on the openness of the Green Belt.

The Village Council noted that at the time of the bat survey no evidence internal or external

was found to indicate bats had inhabited any part of the buildings at any time and the

proposed works were unlikely to cause a net loss of habitat or disturbance to bat species

in the surrounding area. However, it was noted that all contractors must be made aware of

the possibility of the presence of bats and instructed to proceed with all due care

especially when removing roofing materials, demolishing or pointing walls. Due diligence

must be exercised during new build, (especially during the period May – October when

bats are at their most active.) The development should not begin until details of a scheme

for foul & surface water drainage has been submitted and approved.

                                                                                                               Recommend Approval

Application: 19/05007/MAF  Midgeham Cliff End Quarry, Rycroft Road – continuation of

recycling construction and demolition waste and the restoration of the quarry.

The Village Council feels this is a complex major planning application that is outside its

remit and wishes to refer this back to Bradford City Council for their expert consideration.

Decision deferred to the Planning Officer

       Application : 20/00274/HOU Nook Back Lodge, Greenside Lane – installation of driveway

gates to side of dwelling and construction of detached garage to the south

the site.

The Village Council has no objections to this application.

Recommend Approval

 Application:  20/00220/FUL Hunter Hill Farm Hill End Lane Harden –  change of use of

agricultural building to two dwelling houses with garages and stables.

                     The existing Steel Barn has already been approved for a change of use of agricultural buildings

to dwelling houses. The application 19/02333/PAR covered two barns located at Hunters Hill Farm.

This application 20/00220/FUL is for alterations to the approved design of one of the barns.

Originally the approved scheme was designed so the development would not result in the external

dimensions of the building extending beyond the external dimensions of the existing building. This

application unfortunately will need to increase the external dimensions to allow for extra headroom

on the first floor. Plus, the roof line will extend into a canopy, creating a veranda and walkway to the

south elevation.

There are also plans for the dwellings to have new garages built and to build a stable block to the

east of the property. New buildings in the Green Belt are considered in exceptional circumstances

usually being for agriculture and forestry plus outdoor sport or recreation. This application appears

to be inappropriate development in the Green Belt.

The Village Council does agree access needs to be reconfigured to allow the passing of two cars at

the entrance and they are able to turn around in the curtilage of the development.

Conversions of buildings to residential use should be treated with caution and should not have a

detrimental effect on either the character of the building or the surrounding countryside. The Village

Council fully supports these types of conversions, providing conversion works are carried out in the

proper manner and are in line with planning regulations for the Green Belt.  The Green Belt must

not be adversely affected and alterations/extensions should not be disproportionate.

Recommend Refusal

       Ratification of Applications submitted to Shipley: None      

  1. b) ENVIRONMENTAL: to discuss

                     1)   To discuss Bradford Council’s Executive approval of £6.4 million scheme to improve

                           play facilities across the district. Consultations will take place with local

                           communities and park groups to decide how the rest of the money will be spread

                           out at the scores of play areas across the district. This was noted and the clerk would

advise notification of the details to councillors when received.

                     2)   To discuss Wilsden Volunteer car scheme. This involved a list of people willing to offer

transport to hospital, doctors, etc. a few hours a month.  Insurance cover and mileage would be

provided. It was resolved to obtain further information from the organisers and then display in

the notice box and on the website to attract volunteers.

                     3)   To further discuss parking buddies. The First school had expressed an interest in purchasing

and it was resolved that Cllr. Thomson would supply them have an application form to apply

to the community fund for £400 towards four at £168.30 including VAT and £30 for artwork.

  1. c) SOCIAL:  Nothing to report.

3839 REPORTS FROM OTHER BODIES:   Schools: Litter Poster competition 2019 – It was resolved to have

the winning poster copied and laminated to display around the village and in school.


                Trail meeting on 16 January and forwarded a report in his absence:

Work continues with Bradford council’s support to negotiate use of land to secure the route from

Harecroft to Denholme. A large section of this will use existing bridleway but a small proportion

requires negotiations with the landowner which are slow but in progress.

An expression of interest was submitted to the National Lottery Climate Action Fund for potential

funding for  development of the trail – we were one of 630 applications but were unsuccessful on this

occasion.  Discussions continue with Bradford Council to potentially match fund the Sustrans feasibility

study connecting Cullingworth with Keighley. Although Bradford Council do not currently have funds,

they have expressed commitment to continue to lend support to establishing the trail.

Cllr. Galvin attended the planning training session held at Wilsden,

Youth Café:  The inaugural meeting was attended by 30/40 people and a second meeting had been


3841 DATE OF NEXT MEETING:   Wednesday 4 March 2020  at 7pm.

Signed    ………………………..

Dated      ……………………….