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 ON WEDNESDAY 5 JUNE 2019 AT 7.30PM IN THE METHODIST CHURCH                                                                                                                                                  CULLINGWORTH

PRESENT:   Cllrs. H Martin, M Galvin, M Ahir, L Ackroyd, B Craig, M Thomson, M Welthy

FIFTEEN MINUTE RULE: comments from the general public: None

3752    APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE:  were received from Cllr A Bostan and Clerk to the Council, Angela

Holmes who was on holiday.


3754    MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The minutes of the Council meeting held on 1 May 2019 were

approved and signed

MINUTES of the Annual Meeting held on 8 May 2019 were approved and signed

            MINUTES of the Planning meeting held on 8 May 2019 were approved and signed

            MATTERS ARISING:            Chicken Factory: Nothing to report

Bingley Stone:     Nothing to report

            New Coop: It is a concern that the entrance to the store is very close to the zebra crossing with shoppers

congregating at the entrance. The metal safety barriers to the zebra crossing nearest the store were

removed during construction and need to be reinstated to stop anyone accidentally stepping too far into

the road. In view of the above, it has also been noted that over time the road markings and beacons on the

zebra crossing have dramatically lost their impact and need to be replaced to also mitigate the risk of an

accident. The clerk would be asked to contact Highways. The Co-op to be contacted to request ‘IN’ and

‘OUT’ signs to the car park to avoid confusion by drivers attempting to enter the car park.

            Croftside Court: It was reported in the Minutes of 1st June 2019 “After further consideration by Highways

it was decided that it would be inappropriate to include the waiting restrictions in the TRO scheme but it

should be considered as a stand-alone”. However, upon further investigation, it is deemed the exit from

Croftside Court onto Halifax Road to be hazardous. The Council are to approach Highways again and ask

that they reverse their decision and include the waiting restrictions in the TRO scheme.


  • White Rose Update May 2019 – noted
  • Bradford Pals 103rd Commemoration Monday 1 July 2019 11.00am at Bradford Pals Memorial Garden – noted
  • Friends of Bingley Cycle Fest Sunday 9 June 2019 Cullingworth Recreation Ground 1-4pm. Cllr Martin to attend.


The Chairman read the financial report to 31 May 2019.

It was resolved to pay:

  • Clerk’s salary for May and payment to HMRC
  • Chairman’s allowance for 2019-20 – £350
  • GDPR/Data Protection Act 2018 Annual renewal – £40.00

Noted: Transfer to Village Hall Management Committee £5,000 to support the initial set up of the hall as approved in the budget 2019-2020 at a council meeting 9 January 2019.

Noted: Receipt of Vat Refund of £2,650.79 for the period 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2019 (shown incorrectly on agenda as £2,650.84)

3757     Extraordinary council meeting: It was resolved to hold the meeting on Wednesday 26th June 2019

at 7.00pm followed by the village Christmas planning meeting at 7.30pm



Application: 19/02075/FUL Telecommunications Mast BD0110 Manywells Brow    Replacement of existing 22.5M lattice mast with 25M high lattice mast supporting six antenna apertures, four dishes, together with installation of seven ground-based equipment cabinets, one metre cabinet within an existing fenced compound and ancillary development thereto. The Village Council has no objection to this application.                                                                          Recommend Approval

                     Application 19/01034/FUL Land South East Of Royd Villa Roydwood Terrace- Construction of

a pair of semi detached houses with off street car parking.

The Environmental Health Pollution Team have noted the application indicates that the site is

situated within a mixed setting including, industrial, commercial, and residential uses.

The proposed site was designated as allotment gardens from 1907 to 1964, after which the

surrounding area was developed with housing.

Contaminants associated with allotments include but are not limited to asbestos, lead, ash clinker,

hydrocarbons, and arsenic. If the Local Planning Authority is minded to approve this application it is

recommended that to protect public health and the environment a Phase 1 Desk Study and a

proportionate Phase 2 Intrusive Site Investigation are required by condition. This would ensure that

the site is remediated appropriately for its intended use and to comply with policy EN8 of the Local

Plan for Bradford

Any importation of materials brought to the site need to be acceptable, to ensure that

contamination/pollution is not brought into the development site and to comply with policy EN8 of

the Local Plan for Bradford.

There needs to be a condition that no tree work is to be undertaken without consent (adjacent trees

are TPO’d and work needs to be controlled) this is to ensure that trees are adequately protected

during development activity on the site which would otherwise harm trees to the detriment of visual

amenity. This is in accordance with Policy EN5 of the Bradford Local Plan Core Strategy. The

Village Council noted the trees do hang over, by some way, onto this site.

The development provides two parking spaces for each dwelling which is sufficient to serve

residents and visitors. The parking spaces have been tracked to ensure vehicles are able to leave

the site in a forward motion. The use of permeable hard surface should be used to allow proper

drainage of the surface to reduce flood risk.

In the previously approved application a new fence was to be erected. This has not been mentioned

in this application. The Village Council would hope this will be completed, if this application is to be


                                                                                                                                            Recommend Approval

      Application 19/02178/HOU. Highfield Bungalow Bingley Road Keighley – Construction of

      workshop and vintage vehicle store

As stated in previous applications that were refused, the excessive scale of the proposed

outbuilding would cause an unacceptable visual intrusion and introduce an inappropriate element

into the existing group of buildings and wider landscape that is detrimental to local character and

distinctiveness. For these reasons the proposal is contrary to policies DS1, DS2 and EN4 of the

Council’s adopted Core Strategy Development Plan Document.  The proposed building, due to its

disproportionate size and in addition to the previous extensions historically and recently added to

the dwelling, would result in disproportionate additions over and above the size of the original

building to the detriment of its character and the openness of the surrounding Green Belt. In the

absence of any very special circumstances the proposal is, by definition, harmful to the openness

of the Green Belt and contrary to the purposes of it, including the land in it

                                                                                                                           Recommend Refusal

      Ratification of Applications submitted to Shipley: to note

      Granted:      19/00413/FUL –  Farofield Nurseries, Haworth Road – Construction of

dormer bungalow with detached garage and associated works

      Granted:      19/01192/HOU – 21 Wild Heather Close – carport with front and

side balcony terrace and outbuilding

      Granted:      19/01051/FUL –  Sugden House Farm – Conversion of existing barn to

dwelling plus new double garage.

Granted:      19/01384/MAF – Sugden End – Restoration of closed landfill site.

  1. b) ENVIRONMENTAL: to discuss

1)   To consider -Free British Red Cross First Aid training sessions available in village

       venue to anyone over 19, carers and volunteers.  Noted.
2)    Proposal to introduce a Public Space Protection Order prohibiting the use of
barbeques and other items on moorland which pose a Fire Risk
. Information at It was resolved to support the proposal.
3)   To consider and approve the plan for a new zebra crossing at Manywells forwarded

      from Craig Williams, Highways. It was resolved to approve the plan and the clerk would be

instructed to contact Craig Williams with the decision.

  1. c) SOCIAL: Nothing to report.



3761 DATE OF NEXT MEETING:   3rd July 2019

Signed    ………………………..

Dated      ………………………..