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 ON WEDNESDAY 11 SEPTEMBER 2019 AT 7.30PM IN THE METHODIST CHURCH                                                                                                                                                  CULLINGWORTH

PRESENT:   Cllrs. H Martin, M Galvin, M Ahir, L Ackroyd, M Thomson, A Bostan, M Welthy and the clerk

Angela Holmes

FIFTEEN MINUTE RULE: comments from the general public: A resident attended to complain about the

reduced bus service now in operation.  The service to Bradford and Keighley had been cut to one bus

per hour from previously two per hour and the evening service had been reduced to one per two hours

rather than one per hour.  The reduction had resulted in forward journeys from Bradford being missed

and the Denholme connection to Halifax no longer possible.  Parts of Denholme had been left without

any buses at times. Councillors were advised of a petition at the Coop store that had attracted over 800

signatures; enquiries would be made as to where this had been forwarded to.

3787   APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE:  were received from Cllr. B Craig who was on holiday.


3789    MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The minutes of the Council meeting held on 7 August 2019

were approved and signed

            MATTERS ARISING:  Chicken Factory: Photos received of parked HGV had been received on Station

Road and these had been forwarded to HCF for comment. Notification had been received of the granting

of the Environmental Agency permit for increase production on 10 September. Cllrs. Martin and Ackroyd

would request a further meeting with the HCF in the near future.

Bingley Stone:     Nothing to report

            Request for reduced speed limit: The clerk had been advised that the scheme had not been selected

for inclusion in next year’s programme of works but would remain on the list of candidates for further

consideration the following year.

3790    CORRESPONDENCE: noted

1)  The Clerk – July 2019

2)   Take Climate Action in your Community – Friends of the Earth

3)   Bingley Rural Schools Partnership future meetings – Cllrs. Galvin and Welthy would attend

4)   Bradford Council Open Space Consultation

5)   Invitation to Festival of Remembrance at Bradford Cathedral on 3 November at 17.00.


The clerk read the financial report to 11 September 2019.

It was resolved to pay:

  • Clerk’s salary for August and payment to HMRC



                      Applications to discuss:

       Application 19/03311/FUL 27 Highfield Terrace – Alterations to existing end terrace

dwelling and construction of new dwelling attached to

number 27.

The new build attached to the existing property will match roof height and be of similar scale to the

existing  structure. All materials need to match the existing property including doors and windows.

The new dwelling does not appear to be out of character with the street scene. It appears there will

be off street parking for two cars for each property. This is over the minimum standard which is one

for each dwelling.  The new porch appears to be in keeping with the original property.

                                                                                                                         Recommend Approval

Ratification of Applications submitted to Shipley:

       Granted: 19/02804/FUL Lees Moor Farm, Bingley Road – Change of use from

discussed storage (former part barn) to living accommodation

(extension of existing dwelling)

       Granted: 19/02878/PAR East Manywells Farm. Doll Lane – Change of use of an

agricultural building to two swellings and associated operational


.      Granted:19/02659/FUL – Outside Lane – Construction of agricultural building

       Appeal: The Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended) under S78 against

                     refusal of a household’s application. – 19 Hunters Green – replacement porch


  1. b) ENVIRONMENTAL: to discuss

1)  Christmas Planning:  Festival Lights had confirmed the order of new displays and would

arrange collection of the existing from storage. Confirmation of the new lamp posts had not yet

been received from Bradford Council.  Details of the Christmas Switch on would be posted on

the website advertising for stalls for the Christmas market.

                     2)  Remembrance Service 2019 – arrangements noted.

3CEG: meeting Tuesday 24 September at 6pm noted

4)  Grievance PolicyIt was resolved to approve and adopt.

 5)  Disciplinary Policy: It was resolved to approve and adopt.

                     6)  Financial Regulations updated July 2019:  It was resolved to approve and adopt.                           

  1. c) SOCIAL:  Nothing to report.

3793 REPORTS FROM OTHER BODIES: Great Northern Trail: Cllr. Bostan reported on the recent meeting

where it was reported that Bradford Council was now willing to support the plans to extend from Doe

Park to Cullingworth and eventually from Cullingworth to Keighley.


            Bingley Rural Parish Council Partnership meeting:  Cllrs. Thomson and Ahir reported on the

meeting where it was reported that the speed camera vehicle would not be moved from its present

position. The possibility of placing golden ribbon strips on the A629 was rejected as was the scheme for

a 20 mile per hour limit in the village.  The matter of the removal of railings at the new Coop store side of

the zebra crossing was discussed and it was pointed out that these had been taken down initially to aid

building the new store and the Village Council were not asking for additional railings but the

reinstatement of the original.  Having been given the new regulations regarding railing by Highways, the

question was asked if they would be culpable in the case of an accident occurring there due to the

removal. It was resolved at the council meeting that the Coop be written to asking them to pursue the


A further drop in meeting would be arranged for Cullingworth in the not too distant future.  Parking at

Parkside was being looked at for 2020. Reports of youths congregating by the bench at the bus stop

by Royd Wood flats was being investigated by the PCSO.

3795 DATE OF NEXT MEETING:  It was resolved to move the time of future council meetings to 7pm rather

than 7.30pm and this would take effect from the next meeting on 2 October 2019.

Signed    ………………………..

Dated      ……………………….