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 ON WEDNESDAY 4 DECEMBER 2019 AT 7.00PM IN THE METHODIST CHURCH                                                                                                                                                  CULLINGWORTH

PRESENT:   Cllrs. H Martin, M Galvin, M Ahir, B Craig, A Bostan, M Welthy and the clerk Angela Holmes

FIFTEEN MINUTE RULE: comments from the general public:  A member of the Cullingworth Paths team

attended the meeting to enquire of the possibility of applying for a community grant to help with the purchase of

footwear and protective clothing worn whilst undertaking the maintenance of the footpaths and rights of way around the village.  Previously Bradford Council had provided items for the team but due to cutbacks this funding was no longer available.  He also mentioned that new members were needed to join the team and the Chairman suggested a piece in the next newsletter asking for volunteers The clerk would email him a copy of the application form for submission to the next council meeting and the Chairman mentioned that the small works budget could be used for any necessary materials needed.

3814    APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE:  Councillor Thomson was on an extended family visit abroad and

Councillor Ackroyd was ill.


3816    The Chairman welcomed Wilsden parish councilor John Turton to the meeting who came along to the

meeting to initially discuss speed cushions to reduce speeding but these were discounted after a report

of a survey by Wilsden Parish council confirming residents’ censure of noise nuisance and cars simply

driving over them with ease.

The second issue was a proposed Road Traffic Scheme for Harecroft which included part of

Cullingworth parish. This included visual deterrents in the form of two SID devices, purple rumble strips

with 20 mph roundels displayed on the road throughout the village with buffer zones from 40pmh to

30mph to 20mph. The scheme would cost £22,000 and Wilsden parish council would provide £3,500.

There had been 100% approval for the scheme from the residents of Harecroft who suffered upwards of

6,500 cars a day traversing through the village.  At present the speed limit changed from 30mph on the

approach to Hewenden bridge to 40mph up to the boundary to Cullingworth and after discussion it was

proposed that the speed limit should be continuous as 30mph right through to Cullingworth village.  The

clerk would write to Craig Williams and Simon D’Vali of Highways to give the village council’s approval of

the scheme including the amendment to the speed limit.

3817    MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The minutes of the Council meeting held on 6 November 2019

were approved and signed.

            MATTERS ARISING:  Chicken Factory:  Nothing to report.

Bingley Stone:     Nothing to report

            Guard Railing at Coop crossing:  Further reports of near misses and parking on the crossing had been

received.  The Chairman reiterated the concerns of the village council and would draft a further letter to

Craig Williams and Simon D’Vali insisting that immediate action needed to be taken to reinstate the guard

rails. Contrary to Bradford Council’s insistence that their legal duty did not allow for new rails to be installed

the issue was that legislation did exist for the original rails which were removed by the developers and as

such should be reinstated without delay. The responsibility for the developer’s omission to replace said

barrier was with Bradford Council. All other zebra crossings in the locality had rails at both sides of the road

even the horse crossing at Manywells.

3818    CORRESPONDENCE: noted

1)  Internal Audit Yorkshire for Town and Parish Councils. This was considered and the clerk

would approach the current internal auditor to confirm it he was able to continue

2)  Invitation from Wilsden Parish Council to attend  Planning Training on Saturday 11 January

2020 at 10 am.   – Cllr Galvin would attend.

3)  The Voice – Winter issue.

4)   Invitation to BMDC Annual Carol Concert at Bradford Cathedral Monday 16 December 6pm

The clerk wold send apologies as this fell on the same evening as the Budget meeting


The clerk read the financial report to 4 December 2019.

                     – To approve payments:

1)   Clerk’s salary for November and payment to HMRC

2)   Respond Marketing – Christmas Publicity Banners £96.00

3)   SLCC membership 2020 – £109.00

4)   Steve Thorpe & Son Gardening Ltd – £496.20

5)   New Coley – Christmas Tree £180.00

6)   BMDC – Street lighting work – £4694.71

To note payments made:

                        1)   Mark Ineson – Donkey hire £375.00

2)   LB Brass – Remembrance Service £350.00

3)   Woods Trophies – £92.45

4)   11th Keighley (Cullingworth) Scouts Group – £30 donation

5)    Newspaper & Christmas publicity delivery – £200.00




       Applications to discuss:

       Application: 19/04627/FUL HCF Ltd – Installation of CHP gas generator

There is a general presumption against inappropriate development in Green Belt and

proposals must not harm the countryside. Policies are set down to strictly control

development. Planning permission will not be given except in very special circumstances

and must be in unobtrusive position within the landscape if that were found to be the case.

Previous CO2 equipment was placed with no planning permission and tree planting has

been ineffective. It remains obtrusive and the village council feels harms the visual

amenity. In its view, this proposal will cause further harm to the Green Belt.

The Village Council feel this is purely a commercial decision, there are no proven special

circumstances and in no way is it related to agriculture.

Recommend Refusal

        Ratification of Applications submitted to Shipley

        Granted: 19/03932/LBC – 1-6 Curtis Court – Repair roof and installation of roof lights,

re-pointing, replace all windows and remove boundary wall

  1. b) ENVIRONMENTAL: to discuss

 .                     1Community warden – to discuss the email from Wendy Fisher, Shipley Coordinators

Office.  Bradford Council would be looking to employ one lengthsman to cover the three

villages of Harden, Wilsden and Cullingworth following the retirement of the lengthsman

previous employed at Cullingworth. The position would provide for five hours given to each

vicinity per week to cover a daily ‘gateway’ clean of the main road through each village ,a

four-weekly village tidy and visits from one of their ‘floating drivers’ who will target key litter

bins, fly-tipping and so on.  If the village councils wished to pay to have the cleaner for five

additional hours each week for leaf clearing, verge edging etc dedicated to their village then

this would allow for the job to be advertised as a full-time occupation rather than part time.

The specific areas of concern in Cullingworth were the bus shelter, The Dell and the War

Memorial.   It was resolved to advise Wendy of the decision to agree to the extra hours and.

Discuss at the budget meeting on 16 December

2)    GNT – to hear a report from the recent meeting. Cllr Bostan attended the recent meeting and

discussion took place regarding liaison with landowners.  A feasibility study was being looked

at  to extend the trail from Cullingworth to Keighley.  Bradford Council would provide £10,000,

the GNT £5,000 and parih councils £5,000.  The village council was asked for a contribution of

£200 and it was resolved to offer this when contacted.

3)     Parking buddies – Feedback from the schools suggested that they did not want the

responsibility of extra work setting out and taking away the buddies each day.  This item would

be deferred until February when Cllr. Thomson returned from her break.

4)     Flagpole – The pole was over 20 years old and the mechanism to drop the pole did not

work.  It was resolved that Cllr. Ahir would obtain some quotes for a replacement and this

would be discussed when available.

  1. c) SOCIAL: Cllr Ahir reported the sad news that Alan Feather had died at the age of 97 and suggested

                             that an article should be placed in the next newsletter in recognition of all his work with the

Cricket Club over many years. It was resolved to check with his family first and ask for a


3821 REPORTS FROM OTHER BODIES:  Nothing to report.


                            Dates for 2020 diary were set as:

27 November 2020 Community Award evening

5   December 2020 Christmas lights switch on

3823 DATE OF NEXT MEETING:   Wednesday 8 January 2019 at 7pm.  This was altered from 1 January.

Signed    ………………………..

Dated      ……………………….